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Skyfall Chasers Apk is an action-packed first-person shooter in which you explore a futuristic universe full of objects and individuals to discover the story
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Skyfall Chasers Apk is an action-packed first-person shooter in which you explore a futuristic universe full of objects and individuals to discover the story. Your goal will be to gather the prized resource “Starlight,” which will allow you to win the game.

You can locate a sizable map in Skyfall Chasers that you must navigate after you arrive in this universe. You’ll need to work together with friends to succeed in each game thanks to its future settings and Apex Legends-inspired features. There are numerous tools and resources in this video game that you can gather and stockpile for your arsenal.

About the Skyfall Chasers APK

The vibrant setting of Skyfall Chasers sets it apart from many other popular FPS games. You will take on the role of a warrior who belongs to the clan The Chasers. They are valiant forces tasked with defending Starlight, the scarcest and most valuable substance in the galaxy. Starlight can only be achieved by taking advantage of unique meteorites’ abilities, which only appear after thousands of years. Whoever gets it will have limitless power and be able to rule the galaxy.

To get this valuable source of starlight, you will spend all of your time-fighting in the universe, gathering as many starlights as you can, and navigating through them all.

Crazy online gameplay

You and two pals will compete against other players in this gigantic online first-person shooter fighting game for the galaxy’s finite supply of Starlights. It just takes ten minutes to engage in each struggle for scarce resources. This entails that you form a team with two other players and engage in quick, 10-minute combat with opposing teams.

You will have ten minutes to demonstrate all of your fighting prowess, strategy, weaponry, cunning mobility, and ability to hit every millimeter with accuracy.

Skyfall Chasers has been transformed into a peculiar action game with its own highlight among the hundreds of thousands of FPS games that are currently accessible on mobile thanks to the heroic idea of treasure hunting and the strange online fast-paced shooting gameplay in this strange open environment.

Customizations and Unlocks for Chasers

Skyfall Chasers’ first admirable trait is its commitment to appreciating each player’s skill. The game is fair for everyone because there are no in-app purchases or cheats.

Everyone will concentrate on fighting, climbing the ranks, and accumulating Starlights to eventually unlock new Chaser rather than devising ways to get around the law. Everyone has unique skills, appearances, and strengths. Throughout the game, other hero skins and weaponry will also become available based on each character’s accomplishments. The potential for expansion is limitless, guaranteeing that your game is constantly new and improving.

Starlight is the key to victory.

In Skyfall Chasers, unlike many other first-person shooter games, collecting the most Starlights is definitely more important than killing plenty of foes if you want to advance past the level. To achieve this, you must choose the best manner to store the Starlights you are collecting. Ensure that the enemy cannot obtain any more Starlight than you already possess, despite their usage of various forms of loot and attacks.

You can store your Starlights in your TRANSFER BAYS machines if you don’t want them to be stolen. The map is covered in a variety of these bays. But getting it is not simple. A cunning foe, like you, can keep watch around these BAYS and, at the most crucial moment, murder you for the Starlight.

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In this brand new large-scale adversarial FPS, you and two friends will battle other players to collect resources and reach a target score in 10-minute matches. Experience a console-quality HD game on your mobile device with Hero-based gameplay, fast-paced battles, and open-world exploration to come out on top.


In Skyfall Chasers, everyone is fighting over Starlight, the most valuable resource in the galaxy which is extracted from special meteors. You play as a member of The Chasers, key players in the lucrative Starlight black market who risk it all to collect it from lawless frontiers.


There are no in-app purchases, we guarantee a fair experience to everyone.
Rise through the ranks of our free battle pass to unlock new Chasers to play with, each with their own unique abilities and personalities, as well as awesome hero and weapon skins.


This game features optimized UI and customizable controls built for a streamlined mobile FPS experience.


Your goal is to hit a target score of Starlight, but how you win is up to you!
You can collect Starlight by exploring the map and scavenging it from crates and breakable objects, or go in guns blazing and steal it from your defeated rivals.
If you get defeated, you won’t have to wait for the next game, you’ll dive right back into the action to get your revenge. You’ll always have a fighting chance.
If you don’t want your Starlight to get stolen, you can secure it in machines called TRANSFER BAYS scattered throughout the map. But you’ll be vulnerable while you deposit your payload, so watch your back.
SKYFALL are deadly meteor showers that pummel the map but leave behind lots of Starlight. It’s a high-risk-high reward event, and only the bravest dare enter the storm.

Team up with two friends and combine the unique skillsets of the Chasers to find the best strategy to come out on top!

Download Skyfall Chasers APK for Android

Skyfall Chasers’ fight for Starlight doesn’t appear to be simple. Devastating meteor showers can leave a bloody trail on a map while also leaving the universe with a large number of brilliant nebulae. Are you prepared to take part in this action-packed adventure?

Frequent questions

Where can I download the Skyfall Chasers APK?

From ApkKash. Here, you can find the latest update and previous versions of an FPS full of characters and other things to be discovered.

How big is the Skyfall Chasers file for Android?

Skyfall Chasers for Android takes up 973 MB. This means that you need at least 1 GB of free storage on your device to guarantee to be able to play your first game.

How do I win in Skyfall Chasers?

Winning in Skyfall Chasers will require a lot of focus in each game to collect as much Starlight as you can. A lot of the time, you will also have to shoot enemies to win.

Who developed Skyfall Chasers?

The Cloud Some studio was responsible for developing the Skyfall Chasers game for Android. Previously, the studio has also released other games, such as Legacy of Heroes.


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