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Instander Apk lets users download high-quality photos, videos, IGTV, and reels. Also try No Ads, Copy Bio, Copy Comments, Copy Description, and More.
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One of the major online entertainment platforms for me is Instagram, one of the most popular social networks in the world. I get first-hand updates from my favourite influencers and celebrities here, giving me the interesting material, I so well deserve. As I experience my friends’ and followers’ lives through their tales, I also get to share my own with them.

However, like many other social sites, it is missing a few small user-experience aspects, which is why developers often create their own satisfying versions of these programmes. The Instander APK appears to be the greatest software replacement for Instagram.

What is Instander APK?

Instander APK is one of the official Instagram program’s modified versions, and it accomplishes everything that the original Instagram application is unable to. Although Instagram offers a variety of features, many of them are only available to certain users, so your experience is not worth noting. Numerous developers have created various mods that result in the creation of third-party programmes, which are the finest source of replacements for the Instagram original application. These modified versions have quickly grown in popularity since they address all the shortcomings of the official Instagram programme.

The fact that these programmes are not as secure as the original Instagram applications makes them rather risky to use. If the official Instagram developers discover that you are using one of these modified applications, you might be permanently barred from accessing Instagram.

Instander APK is a particular type of Mod that was created in an extremely secure manner. It not only delights you by providing you with a few more features, but it also acts as one of the safest platforms available for using all of Instagram’s features and protecting your account. Since earlier motivation versions were routinely being prohibited by all social Instagram programmes, the creators put security first. The Krogan500, although being designed and standardised, quickly gained popularity and is now known to the skies.

Download the newest version of Instander APK for Android.

You may click on the link provided to download the Instander APK most recent version for Android in your Android devices and take use of all the capabilities not offered by the official Instagram programme.

Since Instander does not adhere to the official Instagram application’s privacy policy, it is not available on the Google Play store, and you must search some website to find the link for downloading and installing it in your Android devices. When downloading an official version of Instagram, you must click on the Google Play store to get that version.

The download link for Instander is provided on our end, and we guarantee that it is spam-free, won’t compromise your data at any cost, and is easy to access.

When you’ve decided you want to take use of the fantastic capabilities of the standard application, just click the link below to download Instander to your Android devices and start exploring all the features it offers.


Below is a list of the incredible features that this programme offers you. Check out the features if you’re not already familiar with them, since all the information is provided below and will compel you to install this app on your Android devices immediately.

Save Instagram pictures and videos.

It is really aggravating that, in these days when sociability has grown so prevalent, you are unable to save photographs and videos from a certain side of the official Instagram programme. The most recent versions were designed to allow you to save Instagram photographs and videos, but they sometimes lacked privacy settings and weren’t very safe.

With just one click, you can now download any media file to your Android smartphone using the downloader that has been included into the Instander APK.

When you use downloaders, malware is there that might damage the contents on your devices. However, if you use Instander, you can preserve the space that the downloader would have used up and access your video files without switching between apps.

Hide view stories

Without needing to make everything public on social media, Instander lets you enjoy your privacy. Every time you watch a certain tale, the person whose story you are watching will instantly learn that you are familiar with it since he will be informed of it. They will be able to see you online and attempt to speak with you even when you are not in the mood if you do this, making you readily visible on Instagram.

So you can take advantage of the ability to hide your tales by installing this fantastic software on your Android devices. It will prevent your name from appearing on the view status and will keep your friends in the dark about your viewing habits. This can help you avoid having to chat when you’re not in the mood for it on one hand and enable you to turn off your presence on other people’s stories on the other.

Disable Direct Read Messages

The direct message is read, and the majority of the time when we receive a message, we want to open it. However, occasionally, we forget to react to the message, which may lead to a quarrel with a friend of yours since he will know that you received the message but did not respond.

You may solve this problem by using the option to hide direct read messages. By doing so, the buddy won’t be able to see that you have already opened the message because it won’t be displayed to him.

In a word, this will enable you to manage any unpleasant circumstances and avoid needless arguments with the individual who gave you the message. Only when you reply to him at your own convenient time and location will the other person know that you have seen his message, saving you from all unpleasant circumstances.

Enhance Story Quality

This programme gives you the option of uploading high-quality video and photographs, so you won’t have to wait a long time for the stories to load on your screen before you can tap on them to start playing.

Verification of Instagram

The Instagram verification option is shown next to your account, and it indicates that Instagram has verified both the legitimacy of your account and your status as a public figure or celebrity.

The names of those whose Instagram accounts have been verified appear next to them, and they do have a large following and influential contacts. This is a symbol of fame, and you may take advantage of it by installing the current version of Instagram, which can quickly increase your influencers and followers.

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Disable Analytics

You may always turn off analytics while logged into your account. You can always opt to disable this functionality, which remains and provides data and insights for publications that will not function on your account.

Everyone wants to enjoy removing analytics since it is so convenient and useful, but the original Instagram programme does not enable you to do so. However, you may still do so by installing this modified version on your Android devices.

Stop the Autoplay of Videos

The Instagram app has an autoplay video option, and the videos keep playing one after another. When utilising Wi-Fi in your house, it is never a huge concern, but using data to play Instagram may be quite expensive because you have to sign up for the package again.

Most of the time, the data connection is active, and when you leave a movie online, it keeps playing until you find it or the data runs out and you run out of data and can’t run any more videos.

Due to the fact that a lot of data has already been consumed and you frequently have none remaining, this may be really aggravating and frustrating. You can stop films from playing automatically if you utilise Instander, which also helps you to preserve data and battery life by stopping the previously played videos one at a time.

No Advertisements

When adverts start appearing one after another, using the official Instagram app may be really annoying. On the one hand, this uses up a lot of data and can make using Instagram quite expensive. On the other side, it drains our batteries.

The Iinstander APK application streamlines your experience since you may disable all adverts and take pleasure in the program’s seamless operation on your Android devices.

Disable Story Autoplay

Using the instander programme, you may also stop the stories from automatically playing. The auto-playing of stories typically uses up all of our data and battery life and makes using Instagram quite annoying. On Instander, you have the option to turn off the autoplay of tales. You may adjust this setting to only display the stories of specific individuals, and you can edit it at any time.

Set the download path

However, if you download something from Instagram, a specific image or video is instantly transferred to your phone’s storage, which is incredibly bothersome. When utilising the Instander APK version, you may choose the download location for the videos or tales.

Change the download path setting, and Instagram will now let downloads to be saved on the route of your choice.

The Ghost Mode

There are a few options you may adjust under the “Ghost Mode” function if you want to appear a little mysterious to your followers or the individuals you’re following. To stop other users of the app from seeing that you are typing anything, you may turn off the typing status setting here. If you know what I mean, this is undoubtedly handy when sending dangerous SMS.

Second, the Instander app is unquestionably for you if you enjoy adding a touch of mystery to other people’s stories by masking the fact that you are a spectator. Even if it was intended just for you, you can choose to hide your viewing behaviour from other people’s tales and they won’t know that you did.

Last but not least, you can be the sort that doesn’t respond right away to messages since you don’t want to appear rude by keeping people waiting. You may read someone’s message in your direct message and then shut the app without them realising you did so thanks to the “Don’t mark directly as read” function.


You may enhance the quality of numerous Instagram files with this Instander tool, such as:

  • IGTV quality
  • Photo Quality
  • Reels Quality
  • Stories’ Quality

Images on Instagram are known to be compressed for screen width, which lowers image quality. However, this restriction is typically removed if the “Photos in max quality” option is enabled, allowing you to see photographs in high-resolution format or in their original quality. With better visuals than in the original Instagram app, upload your stories and photographs.

Smart Actions

Even if they might not appear as significant as they can seem, gestures are a crucial component that can set one platform apart from another. With the Instander app, you can swipe left or right to go between pages, long-press a photo to zoom it, and double-press a photo to like it. These may even be turned off if the user so chooses.


There are several additional little characteristics that are significant since the details are what count. For many users, features like full-screen stories, which let you watch Instagram stories in full-screen mode, are essential. A direct link-following in-app browser, auto-playing videos that may be turned off to save data, suggesting friends, concealing liked posts, and trimming tales are some additional features. Depending on the user’s needs, any of the aforementioned parameters can be activated or removed.

Make a donation to get verified.

I’m not referring to the authentic Instagram verification badge, though. If you download and use the app and decide to show your appreciation and support for the cause by making a donation to the developer, your status as an Instander supporter will be confirmed. Only other Instander users would be able to see your badge. It’s quite easy; all you need to do is pay to the developer in whichever method is most convenient for you, comment using your username, and send an email with a snapshot of the transaction and your username in it. The badge would then need to be obtained.

Explore People

Your soul mate could be waiting for you to DM them in your contact list. By following the contacts on your contacts list who have active Instagram accounts, you may meet new people and learn more about their lives through their stories.


Anyone who enjoys Instagram and wants to gain more from it should download the Instander APK. You may utilise so many functions at once and for free thanks to it that you can temporarily forget about Instagram. You may already download this Instander App from our website for this purpose. The download link is conveniently located right here on this page. You may get this software right away by clicking the provided link. In the comment box on this page, you can also express your opinions on Instander APK.


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How to install Instander APK 16.0 – Download Official APK for Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Instander APK 16.0 – Download Official APK for Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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