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If you’re looking for a survival-shooting game, then the Days After apk is exactly what you’ll need. Everything in this post-apocalyptic world is hungry for blood and brains, and you have no right to make a mistake. Get the most out of your chosen hero.

Collect resources and survive in a hostile environment. Build weaponry and a base of operations. Fight against zombies, bandits, and other dangerous creatures. Survival is the primary objective.

Days After apk is a great place to escape reality’s monotony and engage in an endless shooting duel. If you don’t find a solution soon, the most horrific repercussions will befall you. No mistakes are permitted as the player transforms into a hero.

A horde of ravenous zombies is continuously attacking the player. Build your hero from the ground up and make him or her unbeatable. You’ll never know what to expect in one of the hardest places.

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It won’t be an easy journey. You’ll have to contend with thirst, hunger, and a strange sickness in this life-or-death simulation. Zombies of all shapes and sizes will keep you on your toes throughout the game.

Some people aren’t worth fighting, and others are. You and those you care about are in jeopardy, so use caution!
Find out why the zombie apocalypse happened and how to prevent it from happening again by following the rules of survival, killing zombies, and engaging in battles with bandits.

Intro about Days after APK

A zombie survival game with stunning graphics and audio, Days After apk lets you take on hordes of ruthless zombies in a world gone awry. The game’s primary goal of battling zombies may appear straightforward. However, the game has many difficulties, like bandits, treachery, and hunger.

The ability to make mistakes will never be an option for you, no matter what happens. That is why, my nephew, your first and foremost concern should be your survival. At the beginning of Days After Zombie, you will be able to choose your character.

You begin the game as one of the available female or male characters. At the beginning of the game, you are given a scrap vehicle and a weapon to use. You must first establish a safe house by roaming the streets and gathering the treasure.

Bags you find in the game contain a variety of items, including guns, clothing, and food. Make sure you’re careful, and then go ahead and get those bags! You’ll need a full stomach to keep strong during the war, nephew. As you struggle to stay alive, a variety of zombies will come.

The only way to stop them is to kill them. Sometimes this means hiding, and other times it means running. You must identify the root causes of the epidemic that sparked a zombie invasion while you are battling them.

My nephew, you’ll also have to take on the bandits to accomplish this. Use the tremendous features of the game’s map to your advantage in this combat, my nephew. If you’d want to join in on the fun.

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Amazing Features of Days After APK

Weeks after: The Survival Game is a third-person shoot ’em up that I intend to describe further in the next articles. Our topic of discussion today is “Days After Survival Game’s Amazing Features.”

System for keeping track of inventory

There is no penalty for carrying or using a large number of objects and weapons at once, save for guns, which hurt your climbing and running abilities.

Making of Weapons

Currently, there are a large number of weapons that may be crafted, but we intend to greatly increase that number (as well as introduce new recipes) in our upcoming release. A land mine, timed explosion, smoke bomb, pipe bomb, molotov cocktail, or any of the aforementioned can now be made.

Modification of a gun

Modifying your weapons to increase their fire rate, reload time, ammo capacity, damage, and so on are all options in the game.


You can crouch and slip past your foes, or you can use your knife to take them out quietly.

The 24-Hour Cycle

The day-night cycle is not a gimmick. It has a big impact on gameplay, as there are more people (and they tend to be kinder) during the day and more zombies, and more difficult foes at night.

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a change in the climate

Fog, light rain, and heavy rain are the current weather conditions. In some cases, this can alter visibility, body temperature, or the detection range of zombies in the area where you are.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Security Personnel

The game’s NPCs feature clever artificial intelligence that uses cover and strategies to their advantage. If they can, they’ll aim to flank you and stay clear of potentially lethal adversaries like Night Zombies or Bloaters (more deadly enemies coming up later).


There are deer, bunnies, and dogs all over the place. Because we want to make it a sport for people who enjoy hunting them, there is currently no method to kill them. Our next update may include fishing.

the equipment’s longevity

If a weapon is damaged in the game, it will break and lose all of its stats. Currently, weapons can be found in quite a decent shape. What’s more, the more you wear your clothes and shoes, the faster they break down. Your life could be at stake if your shoes or gloves are too worn out when you’re traveling around in risky places!

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Apocalyptic Occurrences

Random events can occur during your playthrough, such as rogue survivors to save or kill for bonus points; supplies to carry to another base; and so forth. Since our last release, we’ve included traps like snares in the zombie event system, making it easier to hunt them down.


This is a post-apocalyptic world into which you have entered. This place is crawling with the most terrifying zombies, and they’re quickly establishing themselves as your sole competition.

Players will be forced to deal with ferocious adversaries. Zombies are desperate to get their hands on you, one of the few people left alive with any hope of survival. They have a voracious appetite for human blood and brains.


Players can select any of their favorite characters before they join the battle. A colorful display of superheroes awaits your arrival. You’re about to face a battle unlike any you’ve ever faced before.

You have a responsibility to humanity’s survival on your shoulders. As a result, make as few errors as possible to avoid the potentially disastrous outcomes.

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Days After Mod Apk

Days After MOD APK — a classic activity game in which the player is trapped in a zombie-infested world for the duration of the game. A large percentage of the planet’s population died as a result of the influx of the walking dead. Several survivors were able to flee into the bush and begin a new life.

The zombies aren’t sleeping, thus the user will have to do a variety of tasks to get rid of them. It is expected that he will encounter wild animals and marauders, collect sources and journals from survivors, and provide useful knowledge about the world and a disaster.

Days After Mod APK Features

  • The option to change the menu is available.
  • Incompetent foe
  • Crafts that can be done at no cost (only works with some items)
  • Traveling at a high rate of speed
  • Immortality
  • Durability at its highest level


How can I get the Days After Mod Apk file?

On the Google Play store, you can get the Days After Mod Apk for free. To get started, just look for “Days After Mod” and click the “Install” button.

Are Days After Survival Mod Apk safe to download?

Downloading Days After Mod Apk is a safe way to get the game. It doesn’t have any viruses, malware, or other bad files that could hurt your phone or personal information. The Days After Mod Apk was made by people who weren’t involved with making the original mobile app. It has all the same features as the original app.

What do I need to do before I can install Days After Mod Apk?

Before you start the installation process, make sure you’ve done everything you need to do, like turning off anti-virus software and making sure your device has enough storage space to handle the download.

You will also need to make sure that the security settings on your phone don’t stop you from changing important system files. Lastly, you need to be connected to the internet to get the Days After Mod APK.


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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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