How to Go to Work in the Sims 4

To keep your Sims 4 home budget going and to keep building your dream home, you need Simoleons. If you don’t want to cheat your way through the game or you’re looking for the achievements and can’t use them, your Sims need work.

How to go to work in the Sims 4

This article will guide you through giving your Sims jobs and following them to work so you can improve their social and career prospects.

How to get a job

Just like in real life, the first step to success is choosing a profession and getting a job. Both the base game (now available for free) and the multitude of expansions offer an extensive list of career options, some of which are available right from your Sim’s home. For a Sim to get a job, you will need to:

  1. Select the Sim you would like to employ.
  2. Click on the “Professions” tab in the lower left corner, marked with a briefcase.
  3. Click on the “Join a Career” option on the screen that appears.
  4. A new window saying “Select a career for…” will appear and allow you to select a call. Most professions have two different options. Note that once you’ve chosen a sub-career, you can’t change it (but can swap careers entirely).
  5. Once you’ve chosen a career path, click the check mark at the bottom right of the window.
  6. Wait until the working time arrives.

Tip: On a PC, “J” is the default keyboard shortcut for accessing the “Professions” tab.

Alternatively, instead of going to the “Professions” tab, you can also use your Sim’s phone, an icon at the bottom left of the screen. Once there, select the “Business” icon and the “Find a job” option. This will also lead you to the “Select a career for…” window.

With the “Get to Work” and “Get Famous” expansion packs installed, active careers (professions) allow you to follow your Sim to work and interact with colleagues, friends and the work environment.

How to go to work in Sims 4

The following section applies to careers with office work—scientist, detective, and doctor careers.

Once you’ve chosen a career for your Sim, wait for their first day of work to start. You can check the time by opening the “Professions” tab in the lower right corner. When it’s time for work, there are only two things you need to do:

  1. Open “Careers”.
  2. Click on the “Go to work” option in the bubble.
  3. A popup will ask you to follow the Sim to work if they have an appropriate career. If you choose not to, they become unavailable until their workday ends.
  4. If you decide to follow the Sim, your household switches to their job, and you can swap between them if you have any remaining household members in the house.

If your Sim goes to work happy and in a good mood, they will get a performance boost of about 20%, so check to see if your Sim’s needs are being met. With this boost, they are likely to be promoted faster and earn more.

You can choose the work rate of your Sim by clicking on the small bolt icon next to the avatar, where the emotions are shown, and then choosing between “Work Hard”, “Take It Easy” or “Socialize.”

“Socialize” allows the Sim to make friends at work, “Take it easy” lets them make little progress but keeps them relaxed, while “Work Hard” lets your Sim earn more but get stressed in the process.

Sims can also leave home early. However, this may impose penalties in terms of reduced pay or reduced chance for a promotion. Beware, if your Sim often leaves work early, they may lose their job.

Work, work, work

The work mechanic is very important for a playthrough without cheats. “Get to Work” and “Get Famous” expansions could make it a lot more interesting, but that doesn’t mean the base choice is weak. So make sure you choose the right career that matches your Sim’s personality, and make use of the tips offered. So be patient, get your Sims to work and let their careers flourish!

Do you have any exciting career tips for new Sims players? Be sure to give your opinion in the comments!

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