How to Play Steam Games on an ​​Oculus Quest 2

In the past, VR technology was inconvenient and required physical connections to the primary device. However, with advancements in the field, the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 were born. The Quest 2 is standalone, but can connect wirelessly to a computer.

How to Play Steam Games on an Oculus Quest 2

Players can play Steam titles on their Quest 2 headset with this capability. The process of setting up may not be straight forward, but we can help you with it. Read on for all the information.

PC Requirements

Today, video games are becoming more demanding, which need better hardware for a smooth experience. Here are the minimum graphics and hardware requirements to connect to Quest 2.

  • CPU: Intel i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
  • NVIDIA GPU: GTX 1070 and above, GTX 1650 Super also works
  • Alternatively, an AMD GPU: AMD 400 series or better
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Windows 10 or Windows 11

A lower-end gaming PC or even gaming laptop should exceed these specs, so many of these are capable of pairing with the Oculus Quest 2.

Play Steam games with the Oculus Quest 2

Since Oculus is now under the Meta company, it is fitting that this headset is the Meta Quest 2. Depending on your needs and preference, the Quest 2 can connect to your computer with a wired connection or without one.

You need the Quest 2 desktop software, available for free from the official website. It would be best if you also have the Steam client ready. The former is necessary whether you play wirelessly or not.

wired connection

You need a USB-C cable to connect the headset to your computer for a wired connection. A cord of 15 feet or longer works best because you don’t want to be restricted while wearing a VR headset.

  1. Launch the Quest 2 desktop application.
  2. Connect the USB-C cable to both devices.
  3. Select “Devices” in the Quest 2 app.
  4. Click on “Add Headset” and find your Quest 2.
  5. Complete the setup process.
  6. Select “Link (Cable)” and continue.
  7. Launch Steam and click on “Steam VR.”
  8. Play any of your Steam VR games.

Compared to a wireless connection, you get a stable link that is not affected by internet speed or any web-based lag. But having a cable attached to you might not be the best experience for some players.

wireless connection

Through the Oculus Air Link, the Quest 2 can connect to a computer for a seamless experience. However, a substandard WiFi signal can disrupt the link, leading to unpredictable delays and other problems. Nevertheless, Air Link feels great when there is a consistent connection.

  1. Launch the Quest 2 application.
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Select “Beta”.
  4. Turn on “Air Link”.
  5. Put on your Quest 2 headset.
  6. Press the Oculus button and bring up the home menu.
  7. Select “Oculus AirLink.”
  8. Find your computer and select “Start”.

At this point you need to launch Steam through your Quest 2.

  1. Go back to the home menu.
  2. Select the “Desktop” button in the bottom bar.
  3. Search for Steam.
  4. Access your Steam VR games and start playing.

The first Quest headset was able to use the wired method, but the Oculus Air Link works best with the Quest 2. This was one of the major improvements and a significant selling point over the previous model. Air Link was later made available with the Oculus Quest, but it’s still not as good.

Unfortunately, a few days before writing, a Windows 11 update brought some unwelcome performance degradation for Quest 2 owners using Air Link. Owners should stick with a wired connection or wait until the problem is addressed.

virtual desktop

Older VR users may be familiar with Virtual Desktop, a third-party application that allows Quest 2 owners to interact with their computer screens using their VR headsets. It puts your computer screen on your headset and predates Air Link. It also works wirelessly.

Some Quest 2 owners find Air Link unreliable, but manage to replace it with Virtual Desktop with better results. It varies between users, so you can try it if Air Link doesn’t work for you. A consistent internet connection will reduce the possibility of lag and lag.

However, Virtual Desktop requires a 5GHz AC WiFi network, while Air Link doesn’t force you to use one. If you do not have this network, you will not be able to use Virtual Desktop.

  1. Download Virtual Desktop to your computer.
  2. Purchase the Quest 2 app version on your headset.
  3. Install both apps.
  4. Start the desktop client and keep it running.
  5. On your Quest 2, open Virtual Desktop and connect.
  6. Start playing your VR games.

Virtual Desktop allows you to optimize the connection by adjusting some settings, so we recommend doing that and finding a sweet spot.

Games to play

While there aren’t as many VR games on Steam as traditional titles, there are still a few gems worth picking up. The VR gaming experience is more front-and-center than other media, enabling unprecedented immersion.

Half-life: Alyx

The developers of Half-Life: Alyx didn’t think the game would sell very well, but reality proved them wrong as it did well in the market. The attention to detail, story and interactions left a pleasant taste in reviewers’ mouths. If there’s a game to show off what VR is capable of, few can top this one.

SuperHot VR

The original SuperHot has already entertained many players, but the VR version now increases the immersion factor by at least tenfold. You play as a time-controlling assassin who aims to fight through hordes of enemy agents. The game feels faster and slower at the same time because you can slow down time as you like.

Compared to the original experience, you can feel the bullets flying towards you in slow motion. It is an engaging game that you can enjoy for hours.

Population: One

The title has no spaces, so you read it correctly. This game is a VR exclusive Battle Royale shooter, and it is no Fortnite clone. While you can build, the gunplay and experience is distinct enough to feel different. The vertical combat system lets you climb every surface, so gaining the high ground is ridiculously easy.

Population: One feels like a real firefight combined with extensive vertical traversal, allowing you to move around like you never could in real life.

Beat Saber

Fans of rhythm games will love Beat Saber, a VR game that lets you hit incoming blocks with your VR controller. It’s a fun and challenging title that will surely leave you tired and entertained. There’s even a multiplayer mode you can try.

With many songs in the game, you will spend hours to get a perfect score. There are even harder game modes if you prefer more of a challenge.

Another world

With VR technology advancing every day, playing Steam VR games with your Quest 2 headset is now standard. Many games are also being developed for VR as the platform is experiencing incredible success. In time, some of your favorite series might get a VR entry.

What are your favorite VR games? What do you think the next Oculus/Meta headset needs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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