How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

Minecraft zombies are one of the most iconic characters in the gaming community. Their unique look and sound design have become so mainstream that even your mother probably knows about them. That’s quite the feat considering they’re the “bad guys” in the Minecraft universe.

How to Heal a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

This Mojang game features several hostile mobs, but only Zombie Villagers can be healed. Despite their appearance, villagers can have many uses, so it’s worth healing them. If done right, your newly healed villager will give you plenty of in-game rewards.

This article will teach you how to heal a Zombie Villager in just a few steps.

Step One – Find and capture a zombie villager

In Minecraft, all zombie types usually appear at night. Alternatively, you can find them in low-light underground areas. Your best chance of finding a Zombie Villager is by exploring abandoned villages and the basements of igloos. However, if you play in creative mode, there is a much easier soliton – use a Zombie Villager spawn egg.

Once you find one, you want to catch it immediately. Just like any other mob, there are numerous ways to do this. The easiest method involves trapping them in a house. You can use an existing one or quickly build a house-like structure.

  1. Start by leaving the door open.
  2. Lure the Zombie Villager into the house.
  3. Surround it and quickly escape the house as you close the door behind you. You can add another entrance to the house to make your exit smoother.

The trapped Zombie Villager cannot open the doors. While inside, he is protected from the sunlight. Make sure no other villagers are communicating with your house at this time. Now you can start working on the cure.

Step Two – Materials required for making the cure

Before successfully healing a Zombie Villager, make sure you have some materials in your inventory. You will need the following:

Brew Stand

You can find brewing stalls in the villages inside churches. Alternatively, you can make them:

  1. Place a Blaze Rod in the center section of your crafting table.
  2. Add three Cobblestones on the bottom row of the crafting table.
  3. You must have your Brewing Stand. Remove it and place it in your inventory.

Fermented Spider Eye

A crafting table is the only way to obtain the Fermented Spider Eye. The crafting recipe is as follows:

  1. Kill spiders for a spider eye.
  2. Place it in the middle bottom position of the crafting table.
  3. A brown mushroom goes on the left center position.
  4. Place sugar in the middle center section.

golden apple

Crafting a Golden Apple is very expensive, as it requires eight Gold Ingots. Fortunately, there is a much better alternative. These can spawn while exploring ruins, dungeons, and the Woodland Mansion. So be aware of its golden glow on your adventures.

Three water bottles

You can easily make glass bottles in Minecraft. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Place three pieces of glass on the left and right center sections and the center bottom section of the crafting table.
  2. Repeat this process three times for three glass bottles.
  3. Fill the bottles with water from any river or lake.


There are numerous ways to obtain gunpowder. Farming with creepers and witches is probably the easiest way. Alternatively, you can buy it from a Wandering Trader or loot it from chests around the open world.

Blaze powder

You will need Blaze Powder to heal a zombie villager. Fortunately, making it is a simple process. Just add a Blaze Tod to a crafting grid. It will instantly turn into two Blaze Powder.

Brew the Splash Potion of Weakness

Once you have acquired the materials mentioned above, you can create the Splash Potion of Weakness. To brew it, follow these steps carefully.

  1. Bring up your Brew Stand.
  2. Place the Fermented Spider Eye, the Water Bottles and the Blaze Powder in it.
  3. Wait for the brewing to complete.
  4. The Water Bottles should turn into Potions of Weakness.
  5. Place the potions of weakness in place of water bottles.
  6. Substitute Fermenter Spider Eye for the gunpowder.
  7. Wait until the brew is done again.
  8. Collect your new Splash Potions of Weakness.

Step three – heal a zombie villager

Now you should have everything you need. Approach the house where you previously trapped a Zombie Villager. Make a single block opening so you can interact with it. Start by casting the Splash Potion of Weakness on the Zombie Villager. Be sure to stand back so the weakness effect doesn’t transfer to you.

Depending on the game version (Java or Bedrock), the effect of the potions may have different durations. On average, you will have about 3 minutes to complete the next step. Don’t worry about time though, as the last step should only take a few seconds if done correctly.

Stock up, pick the Golden Apple and feed it to the Zombie Villager.

You should hear a hissing sound, and your eyes should turn red. There will also be red particles in the air. Be aware that Zombie Villagers get a boost in power while in this stage. So, the best thing to do is to leave it trapped and wait it out.

Since he won’t dodge, feel free to continue exploring and return to that house at any time. You will find a fully healed villager in the house when you return. You have now successfully cured a Zombie Villager in Minecraft.

Once you have all the necessary materials in your inventory, the process should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Why You Should Heal Zombie Villagers

Once you have completed this entire process, you will have the Zombie Doctor performance. Even if you’re not an achievement hunter, there are many benefits to healing a Zombie Villager in Minecraft.

  • If your healed villager had a job before becoming a zombie, he would resume his occupation. After healing him, you will get massive trade discounts.
  • Healing a single villager will also significantly affect the other residents of that village. They will also give you trade discounts.
  • Successfully healing a single villager will permanently protect other nearby villagers from turning into zombies.

Take the Healing Approach

Healing a Zombie Villager may seem long at first, but it will become much faster once you have the required ingredients and practice capturing them. To streamline the process, consider making multiple Golden Apples and Splash Potions of Weakness in one go.

Have you tried to heal a Zombie Villager in Minecraft? What are some of your most interesting experiences while playing this legendary game? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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