How to Get the Soul Guitar in Blox Fruits

A unique, mythic weapon like the Soul Guitar in Blox Fruits can be a game changer. There’s nothing cooler than a weapon that shoots guitar riff notes while using underworld power.

How to get the soul guitar in Blox Fruits

Obtaining this coveted weapon may seem daunting, but obtaining the Soul Guitar doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep reading to learn more about this process.

Get the Soul Guitar

Now there are some conditions that the player must fulfill before getting the legendary Soul Guitar.

  • You must be level 2,300 or more to get and finish the Soul Guitar puzzle.
  • You will need the following materials: A Dark Fragment, 250 Ectoplasm and 500 Bones.
  • You should receive a secret message in your system chat. The message appears randomly when you are in the Ghost Castle in the third sea. It speaks of the full moon and the light shining through clouds.

Once you have all of the above, and finish the quest, you can proceed to get the Weird Machine and get the Soul Guitar.

First, you have to do five short tasks.

Go to the graveyard part of the Haunted Castle during nighttime hours. While there, you can pray in front of the tombstone to start the quests.

Defeat the Zombie Horde

You have to go to the red floor and fight all the zombies.

Rearrange board signs

The next task is for you to rearrange all the board signs. They should point to the direction that has more tombstones.

Once you change the signs, go to the top of the Haunted Castle. Talk to the ghost you see there.

Study the Garden Trophies

Go down to the garden. There you will see a pattern of trophy pieces all facing a specific direction. Note the design or write it down. You will need it for the next task.

Rearrange the basement pipes and floor tiles

Next, you need to locate the basement. After you find the pipes, change them so they point in the same direction as the trophies in the garden. Continue by changing the floor tile colors. They should be the shade closest to the pipes.

Use the strange machine to make the soul guitar

Once all these tasks are completed, you can finally use the Weird Machine.

Approach the machine and feed it:

  • 1 Dark Fragment
  • 250 Ectoplasm
  • 500 legs

The machine will make your Soul Guitar for you to use.

Blox Fruits How to use Soul Guitar

The first step is to get the Soul Guitar. Once you have it, you’ll want to use it properly. This has many advantages, but we will get into that later. For now here are the types of attacks you can use with the Soul Guitar.

The Undead Notes

By pressing “M1/tap” you can wreak havoc on the enemy with a guitar riff that shoots a musical note beam. The notes explode as soon as they connect. This particular attack deals a lot of damage.

The devil

El Diablo is soul guitar’s most powerful attack. Press “X” to summon a large skull with underworld power. After flying into the air, it explodes, dealing significant area of ​​effect (AoE) damage. It also restores your health by 3%, and 10% of damage becomes health.

Soul Shaker

You can use this amazing attack by pressing “Z”. This summons the same skull from the El Diablo attack in front of you. After opening its mouth, the skull shoots a beam of souls at the enemy. This beam explodes when it hits for high damage. It also has a powerful recoil.

Considering these attacks, the Soul Guitar packs a powerful, undead blow. From the musical notes made of souls to the skull that you can use to pull off incredible attacks with very high damage, this is a gun worth keeping.

Blox Fruits Soul Guitar Pros and Cons

The Soul Guitar is a fantastic weapon with many benefits. But there are some disadvantages.

Here are the benefits of using the Soul Guitar:

  • It is powerful if you use it as the main gun.
  • His moves have a great range (especially the Undead Notes and Soul Shaker).
  • All moves deal very high damage.
  • The Devil can heal your HP.
  • Soul Shaker stuns the enemy and can break instinct if you hold it longer.
  • Moving the dead notes can break objects.
  • The dead note attack is straight forward to land with moderate recoil.
  • The attack of dead notes has a short cooldown.
  • If you are far away, the dead fish can do a lot of damage to a sea creature.

Now that we’ve seen the pros of using Soul Guitar, what about the cons?

  • Soul Guitar cannot damage Rubber users even though it is a gun.
  • Soul Shaker movements can be difficult and bulky.
  • The high start time of El Diablo is terrifying.
  • Only dead note attack deals damage to sea creatures.
  • You need to be at a high level (2,300) to get the Soul Guitar.
  • The visual effects of the weapon can make it difficult for you to see your enemy.
  • It is less effective up close.
  • It is easy for the enemy to evade movements.
  • Soul Shaker will not break any physical objects in the game.

The Soul Guitar is an overpowering (OP) weapon, but can be a bit clumsy to use at times. It’s up to you to decide if the payout for the Soul Guitar is worth it.

Additional FAQs

Can I upgrade the Soul Guitar?

Indeed, you can. You can upgrade the Soul Guitar just like other guns. You just need to talk to the blacksmith, and he can upgrade it for you.

The items you will need for an upgrade are:

• 10 Magma Ore

• 15 Dragon Scales

• 1 Dark Fragment

Upgrading using these materials will result in a 6% damage increase.

Is the Soul Guitar a good gun for PVP?

The Soul Guitar is one of the most powerful guns that Blox Fruits has to offer. Many players use it because it is ideal for player-versus-player (PVP) scenarios. While it’s a bit clunky at times, it still gets the job done.

The guitar of the dead

Now that you know how to get one of Blox Fruits’ strongest weapons, it’s time to grind. Although it requires a high level, the attacks are solid and deal a lot of damage. The missions you have to complete are pretty straight forward, so they are very accessible once you meet the requirements.

What do you think about the missions we mentioned above? Was it difficult or easy to complete? Let us know in the comments section below.

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