How to Get Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits players complete exciting missions and quests while exploring numerous seas and islands. To defeat various enemies and bosses, you must learn a set of fighting styles. One of them is Dragon Breath.

How to get dragon breath in Blox fruit

Fortunately, obtaining Dragon Breath is not difficult. In this article, we will provide a set of instructions to make the process even easier.

How to get Dragon Breath

Dragon Breath is a fighting style taught by the NPC named Sabi. You can find Sabi in the Kingdom of Roses in the Second Sea, on the fifth mini-arch on the wall on the left, facing from the cafe. To access the Second Sea, you must be level 700 or higher.

Once you reach Sabi, talk to him and buy Dragon Breath for 1500 Fragments. Once you acquire the fighting style, you will be given the title “Dragonborn”. If Sabi responds with “Go away” instead of giving you Dragon Breath, it means you don’t have enough Fragments.

Tip: If you can’t find Sabi, try to zoom out as much as possible and run along the wall until you spot him. His bright orange vest might catch your eye.

How to use Dragon Breath

With Dragon Breath you get the following moves:

  1. Dragon Rush (Key Z; mastery 100) – this move involves rushing forward twice, pausing in between to change direction. During the move, flames and cutting particles surround the user. Here are the pros and cons:
    • Stuns people, which makes it easy to catch them
    • Can deal bonutrtts damage in the first half of the move
    • Slow move that can be escaped with Flash Step
  2. Dragon Flames (Key X; mastery 200) – this move features two dragons spiraling from their fist in front of the user. The move deals damage and knockback. Here are the pros and cons:
    • Good for recoil when running
    • Can hit enemies three times if they are near the dragons
    • Good for starting combos
    • A predictable move
  3. Dragon Blast (Key C; mastery 300) — in this move, the user thrusts their fist into the ground and causes a large explosion. The move causes small burning rocks to protrude from the ground. Here are the pros and cons:
    • Good for grinding as it has a large hitbox
    • Slow move that can be escaped with Flash Step

The benefits of all these moves are that they are multi-target, so you can hit multiple people with them. The downside is that all the moves are close range and inferior to long range weapons. They also require high mastery for lower levels.

Dragon Breath is not as powerful as other fighting styles when used on its own. With 300 mastery on Dragon Breath and three other fighting styles (Electric, Dark Step and Water Kung Fu), you can use it to gain Superhuman status. However, you can also upgrade Dragon Breath to Dragon Talon in the Third Sea, which is much stronger.

How to update Dragon Breath to Dragon Talon

Dragon Talon is another fighting style that features dragon-like moves. It was released in Update 16 and offers an upgrade to Dragon Breath. This fighting style can be purchased from the NPC named Uzoth.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Buy a random surprise from the Death King at the Haunted Castle to obtain a Fire Essence. You can do this 10 times every two hours for 50 legs.
  • Find Uzoth, who is also in the Haunted Castle, and give him the Essence. He will be in the big gear to the right of the post on the Castle.
  • The player can now learn Dragon Talon whenever they want

Learning Dragon Talon also requires 400 mastery or more on Dragon Breath, 3 million in-game money, and 5,000 Fragments. However, Uzoth will accept the Essence even if the player has no requirements at the moment, teaching them the fighting style whenever they collect it.

How to get fragments fast

Fragments are a new type of currency introduced in Update 11 and used in the Second Sea. You can get it in different ways:

  • You can get 1,500 Fragments by defeating a single Raid Boss, which is enough to buy Dragon Breath.
  • Defeating a sea creature that spawns in the sea will get you 250 Fragments.
  • Dealing damage equal to 10% of Darkbeard’s health will earn you 1,500 Fragments.
  • Defeating Cake Prince will give you 1,000 Fragments.
  • Winning Fruit Raids can get you 1,000 Fragments if you don’t die.
  • Completing a Ship Raid will give you 200 Fragments, but only if you defeat both a Brigade ship and two Basic boats.
  • If you manage to defeat a player with a YouTuber title, you will earn 2500 fragments.
  • If you have some Robux, you can exchange them for Fragments in the game’s store.

Crouching Tiger, Dragon Breath

After obtaining some fragments through raids and by defeating different enemies, you can use them for various purposes. Besides buying fighting styles like Dragon Breath, you can also buy weapons or items like the Kabucha Gun and Flower Ship Boat. You can use Fragments to wake you up in Blox Fruits after successfully completing a Fruit Raid. Finally, you can use it to buy race changes and stat resets.

How did you ever get Dragon Breath on Blox Fruits? Have you used any of the tips featured in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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