The Best Skyrim VR Mods

Just like any other Bethesda game, Skyrim has retained most of its player base with the addition of mods. With endless creative tools, players can change the core game experience. Mods help transform the continent of Tamriel into something much more magical than the original game developers thought possible.

The best Skyrim VR Mods

In order to fully utilize Skyrim VR mods, users have to do a little more work than usual because Bethesda does not support official mods for this game version. However, most VR mods will work if you install Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) and a reliable mod manager.

This article will feature the top 15 best Skyrim VR mods in no particular order.

Flora Renovation

In Skyrim, gamers tend to spend a lot of time in the wilderness. Exploring the lands of Tamriel got a serious upgrade with the Flora Renovation. This mod adds new tree, grass and plant models. The snowy regions get increased show density. Simply walking through the wilderness will now feel like an entirely new experience.

Sky UI

If you’ve tried playing the base Skyrim VR experience, you’re familiar with the clunky interface. Switching through the inventory is a difficult experience in first person view. Sky UI offers a much more streamlined version of the inventory interface. Thanks to this, you will have a much more pleasant experience while finding your enhanced magic potion.

Realistic lightning makeover

When it first launched, hardware limitations prevented Skyrim from having the best exterior and interior lighting. This mod fixes that perfectly. With that, even a few candles will realistically light up a room. Another big thing left Realistic lighting review is that it uses no post-processing power. It will not slow down the performance of your computer and even improves overall performance.


Night combat is probably one of Skyrim’s weakest points. As time goes on, this battle system seems more aged. Happy, smilodon introduced a series of improvements to reinvent Skyrim combat. New attack animations, improved enemy AI, and generally faster and more responsive action make playing melee a viable option in VR.

Immersive Speechcraft

No one can deny that Skyrim NPCs look charming at first. However, after interacting with them thousands of times, their limitations become painfully obvious. Immersive Speechcraft breathe new life into them by introducing new dialogue options with meaningful options that can significantly impact how you negotiate, order or even provoke them.

This mod requires SKSE to be installed to work.

Open cities

These days, loading screens in open world games seem rather out of place. This mod removes them completely and allows you to travel between locations without interruption. Thank you Open cities, dragon fights are not interrupted and cause you to ruin your immersion. The overall flow of combat and traversal is much more seamless.

However, keep in mind that you need the unofficial Skyrim Special Edition patch (USSEP) installed first for it to work.

Sounds of Skyrim

Sound design is critical to building an atmosphere when creating a large fantasy world. While the original Skyrim release was praised for its soundtrack, Sounds of Skyrim build on the initial offering in a gigantic way.

More than 460 new effects make the environments feel more authentic. The attention to detail is impressive as you can expect to hear different sounds based on location and time of day.

Simple realistic archery

Archery sounds straight up like one of the things that would be a lot of fun in VR. The best way to experience it is with Simple realistic archery mode You can assign different arrows to different buttons and even change the position of your quiver. This highly customizable approach allows players to fine-tune their movements to help them achieve a more fun and immersive archery experience.


As you might expect from the name, this Skyrim VR mod focuses on improving the gameplay aspect of the game. MageVR allows you to cast different spells with your hands without selecting them from the menu. Having to rely on muscle memory takes some getting used to, but once you’ve mastered it, you won’t be able to do magic any other way.

HIGGS – Improved VR interaction

The base Skyrim VR game lacks many important features for a good VR experience. While it may not seem impressive at first, like some previous entries on this list, HIGGS is a must have mod. Addons like hand collision, picking up objects with both hands and moving bodies around are impossible without this mod.

PLANCK – Physical animation and character kinetics

PLANCK works best when used with HIGGS. It enhances HIGGS’ features by refining them even further. Actions like throwing objects or holding someone’s hand feel much more natural. Post-fight combat sees even more improvement. Players can now use grabs when interacting with enemies to stop them from performing their attacks.

Onyx – VR Weathers

For the longest time, Bethesda claimed that weather effects such as volumetric lighting in Skyrim VR should be disabled in order to maintain the game’s stability. Fortunately for the community, Onyx VR Weathers Balanced the lighting so plants and animals look more natural throughout the game. The most impressive thing about this mod is how it makes the game look at night or during a storm.

VRIK player avatar

RPG players tend to spend a lot of time on character creation. All this work is wasted in base Skyrim VR, as two floating hands represent your character. VRIK player avatar mod renders the entire layer model and all the necessary animations to make the player’s movement look as natural as possible. Additionally, you can enjoy fully customizable hand gestures, weapon holsters, first or third person cutscene display, and more.

Local damage

Since Skyrim VR is all about immersion, you should consider this combat-related mod. For example, you can deal extra damage if you land a headshot. Archery and melee combat now look much more realistic as players get additional reasons to perform precise movements with the Local damage mod.

The Forgotten City

Skyrim has always been known for its storytelling. Although there have been several attempts to create immersive side quest mods, none have been as successful as The Forgotten City. This colossal mod adds a brand new city to Skyrim. Along with that comes a murder mystery campaign with multiple endings based on player choices.

This mod also adds a lot of sidequests, puzzles and original music. Installing and playing this mod should be a no-brainer if you’re a true Skyrim fan.

The Dragonborn are coming

Choosing the right mods can make your adventures in Tamriel a transcendent experience. However, just remember that many of the mods have basic requirements. While they shouldn’t be deal breakers, make sure you meet the installation requirements to get to your search without a hitch. The last thing you want to do is spend hours troubleshooting mods.

Have you tried any of the Skyrim VR mods? Tell us all about your experiences in the comments section below.

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